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For several months now, we've been hard at work with the formation of a new international NGO, the Science Council for Global Initiatives. This organization will be creating the frameworks for the global energy revolution proposed in Prescription for the Planet. Our web site is now active, and you can find it here. I hope you'll pay us a visit.

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If you'd like a taste of your planet's prescription, you can read the intro and first chapter here. You can download the entire book as a PDF - click here. The book is also available at Amazon.

Solving our planet's most pressing dilemmas requires more than simply setting goals. We need a roadmap to reach them. Technologies that work fine on a small scale cannot necessarily be ramped up to global size. Worldwide environmental and social problems require a bold vision for the future that includes feasible planet-wide solutions with all the details. Prescription for the Planet explains how a trio of little-known yet profoundly revolutionary technologies, coupled with their judicious use in an atmosphere of global cooperation, can be the springboard that carries humanity to an era beyond scarcity. And with competition for previously scarce resources no longer an issue, the main incentives for warfare will be eliminated. Explaining not only the means to solve our most pressing problems but how those solutions can painlessly lead to improving the standard of living of everyone on the planet, the lucid and provocatively written Prescription for the Planet has arrived not a moment too soon. There is something here for everyone, be they a policymaker, environmental activist, or any concerned citizen hoping for a better future.

“This is the most important book that has ever been written on sustainable development… You MUST read it! It is not A revolution, it is THE revolution, THE way to go!”

— Bruno Comby, Ph.D., founder and President of EFN
Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy


“If you’re looking for an energy revolution, Blees has the boldness to offer both technology and vision.”

— Jim Hightower


“Blees writes devilishly well. His book is a culmination of tremendous erudition compounded by no end of research. Whether our society can be turned around to follow his Pied Piper lead is open to question. But at least he’s drawn a map.”

T. J. King, Ph.D.
Professor emeritus of English and Literature
"In a time desperate for solutions to the global environmental crisis, we need all the suggestions we can get. This analysis by Tom Blees therefore deserves serious attention as an informed and conscientious voice in the ongoing debate over what to do.”


— Howard Zinn. Professor, historian, playwright
Author: A People’s History of the United States


“Tom Blees’ book, Prescription for the Planet may well be one of the most important books of our time. After decades of denial, people now understand that the world is in serious difficulties and are asking what can be done. This book shows that there are practical and proven solutions out there, needing only will and effort.”

— David C. McGaffey, Ph.D.
President, InterConsultUSA
Foreign Service Officer (Retired)
Professor of International Relations (Emeritus)


“Splendid… A monumental effort! Blees analyzes the energy supply picture with impressive accuracy and no loose ends. His dream of boron as a clean and efficient energy carrier is elegant and reasonable — and revolutionary. Establishing its technical feasibility should be a top national priority.”

— George S. Stanford, Ph.D., Reactor Physics
Argonne National Laboratory


“Tom Blees has embarked on an important journey to launch a Global Energy Revolution. This book brings together the most important technologies of the day to counter the effects of global warming and our looming energy crisis.”

— Louis J. Circeo, Jr., Ph.D., Director, Plasma Research
Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, GA


“… No small thoughts here… Courageous.”

— Charles Till, Ph.D., former IFR Project Director
Argonne National Laboratories


“… A complete plan to revolutionize the world’s energy systems.”

— Jeff Crowell, Ph.D. Nuclear Physics
Sandia National Laboratories